Walk Through Scanner

Security Check Points and checking procedures needs no introduction. Concern for members of general public is not ‘why’ but ‘how’ definitely matters to all stake holders – for persons undergoing security check and for officials carrying out the procedures. It surely is a task to balance and ensure an ideal scenario to be achieved –

  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Speed


  • No long queues or waits for getting screened
  • No Human Intervention to get screened
  • No Pat downs by Security officers
  • No Frisking with Metal detectors
  • No need to remove Blazers, Jackets
  • No need to remove Mangalsutras, Wallets & Mobiles
  • No need to stand and raise hands…keep walking
  • No separate screening stations for men & women
  • No need for additional staffing of duty officers
  • No lapses due to human fatigue

And Most Importantly

  • NO RADIATIONS OR ILLUMINATIONS ON THE PERSON SCREENED – so no concerns about health safety

Security at the speed of life

Densho brings to India, Sequestim Walk-through scanner system which uses Terahertz Imaging Technology to screen moving targets and raises an Alarm if any known threat objects are hidden on the body of a person screened.


  • True real time walk-through passenger scanning capability
  • Effective threat detection with very low false positive detection rate
  • Passengers receive no radiations from the scanner
  • Passengers walk past the Security zone and do not divest outer clothing
  • Passenger screening time is 3 to 5 secs
  • The technique is efficient in terms of floor area requirement
  • System requires only electrical power and operates 24/7
  • Extremely low maintenance requirements


  • Astronomy detector technology to image threats using Human body heat as a light source.
  • No illumination emitted at the target, so NO RADIATIONS
  • Hidden items show up as a shadow
  • Threats can be of any material
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) identifies known threats (guns, knives, explosives devices, powders, etc.),
    allowing non-threat objects like mobile phones, etc. to remain with the person being scanned
  • Images not visible to Operators – Alarms are raised automatically
  • Machine learning can be updated rapidly in response to evolution of the threat portfolio

Key Technology

Proprietary “LeKIDS”
Lumped element Kinetic Inductance Detectors, offers incredibly high sensitivity for detection.

Plug and Play Cryogenic Systems
Detectors are cooled to a fraction of a degree above absolute zero without the need to handle or consume liquid cryogens.

Proprietary filter technology
Simply the best filters in the world, they restrict the range of frequencies observed and block all unwanted wavelengths, which allows to achieve unrivalled detector sensitivity.

System Layout

Ideal Solution for Security Check points at:

  • Airport terminals
  • Government Buildings
  • Critical Infrastructures
  • State Assemblies
  • Metros and Railways
  • Courts
  • VVIP Buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Malls & Public Buildings
  • Places of mass gatherings

OEM Partner:

Sequestim Ltd. is a joint collaboration between Cardiff University and QMC Instruments Ltd to commercialise the next generation of Terahertz Imaging Technology developed by the partners for security screening applications.